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Mobile pop up locations

Where do I take my Hustle Truck?

It’s important to find the right spot for your mobile storefront. There are a number of factors to consider, and one of the most important is sorting out where you'll park. We've created a list of the best mobile pop-up locations in Los Angeles.

But first, the basics.

Why pop up?

Hustle Trucks mobile pop-ups provide a perfect opportunity for new and online-only brands to trial a brick-and-mortar space. They allow you to meet your current customers where they spend time and put your brand in front of new shoppers. It's also a direct way to encourage sales without pouring more money into online customer acquisition.

If you're interested in testing out a retail presence for your business, but you're put off by the financial risk and commitment of a permanent storefront, a pop-up shop could be the solution for you.

For more established brands, there's plenty of reason to hit the road, too.

Vibe with your customers IRL.

There’s no replacement for face-to-face service. A physical store allows you to connect with your customers on a human level—people crave connection.

Create a sense of urgency

A temporary mobile pop-up shop with a definite end date encourages shoppers to visit before missing out.

Test the waters of traditional retail

Hustle Trucks are a great way to find out if running a store is right for your brand. Get the full experience of a brick-and-mortar storefront without all the overhead or commitment.

Launch a new product

If you have an idea for a new collection or product line, a mobile storefront rental is a great way to see if they have traction with your customer base.

Move old inventory

Build a collection of unsold items and create a story that sells. You can even encourage impulse purchases with buy-one-get-one-free deals and bundes.

How much does a mobile pop-up cost?

Hustle Trucks rent for $125 per day. No special license is needed to drive the trucks and they fit into any regular parking spot or lot.

What to look for in a mobile pop up location

  1. Make sure the location matches your goals

  2. Plenty of foot traffic

  3. Public parking

  4. Complimentary shops

Great places to take your Hustle Truck

Abbott-Kinney—Parking on the Blvd is difficult and timed, find a side street

PCH parking lots—The ones between Venice Beach and Santa Monica Pier

Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook—Perfect for wellness and athletic brands

Melrose & Crescent Heights—Constant foot traffic and established vendors

3rd & La Brea—Ample free parking in the morning

Restaurants—Find one with a parking lot and bottomless brunch, get permission

Complimentary businesses—Plants outside of a pottery shop, flowers by a bakery

Some places, like Beverly Hills and Manhattan Beach, have separate permitting requirements for mobile vendors. It's best to zero in on a location ahead of your reservation and make sure you have all the required licensing.

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