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Year of the Hustle: the goal planning workbook

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

What if you could make a game plan to accomplish the goals that really matter? Welcome to the Year of the Hustle.

Here’s the story: Last year at this time I declared that this was The Year of the Hustle. Around the holidays I sat down and decided what I wanted to accomplish in 2022, said it out loud, and set my intentions.

YES there were bumps in the road and I changed course

YES I panicked and wondered if it was all worth it

YES I did everything single thing I put my mind to…including making this planner ;)

Every 90 days I chipped away at one of my goals and made magic. My final goal of the year: then it into a template!

In this Year of the Hustle workbook, I outline the exact template that the Hustle Trucks team (so just me, ha!) uses every single day to set the course for success.

There are steps on how to break down your biggest goals and turn them into tiny tasks that you can actually accomplish.

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