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The best ways to market your pop-up shop

To get the most from your Hustle Truck rental, you'll need to generate excitement before your pop-up event. Here are the best ways to make the most of your Hustle Truck rental:


Use your social media accounts in every possible way to get in front of your people:

  • Create a hashtag

  • Create a temporary location

  • Go live and get into detail about what you're selling

  • Use the countdown sticker in stories

  • Message everyone who likes your posts with an invite


During your down time, reinforce to your followers that today's the day

  • Open an IG shop day-of

  • Give discounts day-of for followers

  • Go live throughout the day

  • Collect email addresses

  • Tag your customers in IG stories with their new purchases

Post pop-up

The follow-up is just as important as the lead up to the big event

  • Thank your customers via email with a discount code

  • Evaluate the success of your shop based on your goals

  • Repurpose the content from the day in future stories

  • Pat yourself on the back, you did it!

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Melendy Nebbs
Melendy Nebbs
Feb 19, 2023

Great "popup checklist" advice for newbies. Thank you for sharing. 💜

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