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Are mobile storefront rentals the future?

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

All over LA, high rents and business-savvy creativity are pushing more retailers to take their shops on the road.

In this vast city of millions, business owners on wheels insist it’s all about being available just about anywhere.

Mobile storefront rental in Los Angeles
Tres Vu mobile pop up sop on Abbot Kinney in Venice

"I think mobile retailing has an advantage because you don't have to wait for your customers to come to you. You can go to them," said Jenifer Kaplan, owner of the Flower Truck.

Kaplan runs the Flower Truck from a 1970 ice cream truck she found on Craigslist. Her initial investment, like other mobile retailers, was about $15,000.

Kaplan rolled out last year while working a full-time job in retail.

Can't afford the costs of your own truck? Check out Hustle Truck mobile storefront rentals, they offer options starting at $75 per day.

"Obviously, I couldn't work full time and then pay rent on a space; I couldn't do both," Kaplan said.

She always checks with brick and mortar establishments before parking her truck. Kaplan, who sells individual flowers for as little as $2 to arrangements in disposable and apothecary vases for $10 and up, parks mostly on the west side of the city.

"Get out there get a great idea,” Kaplan said. “You don't have to break the rules but if you believe in it, other people believe in it and you will be successful.”

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